Inner Reflection Holistic Health Center
Services and Rates

Halo Therapy $25 45min

Craniosacral Therapy $90-$120 60min-90min

Deep Tissue $55-$105 30min-90min

Relaxation (Swedish) $55-$105 30min-90min

Expecting Mother $80 60min

Himalayan Salt Massage $90 60min

Duet Massage $155 60min

Aromatherapy massage $90 60min

Hot stone $125 90min

Rain drop $95 60min

Lymphatic $90 60min

Warm coconut scalp $50 30min

Ashiatsu- barefoot $90 60min

Couples massage with Halo $220 60min

Infant or child under 10 years old $35 30min

Healing touch $70 60min

Gua sha or cupping $90 60min

Halo massage $110 60min

Halo craniosacral $120 60min

Dry skin brushing $15 10min

Hand or foot scrub $15 10min

Paraffin dip $20 10min

Celluma led red light $30 30min

Infrared sauna with other apt. $15 15min

Infrared sauna punch card 11 treatments $100

Acupuncture-First visit $100 60min

Acupuncture-return visit$75 60min

Acupuncture-package 4 session not including first visit $260 60min each

Halo acupuncture community room $55 40min

Reflexology $70 60min

Infant reflexology $35 30min

Facial Reflexology $70 60min

For service details on what the session includes click link below to see online booking and menu!